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How One Vet Used the HAB to Lead

This case study is based on a true story. The names and locations have been omitted but know that this individual did take the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) through a certified consultant to great result as a leader in veterinary medicine.

Her Background

A successful veterinarian who owns her own clinic has found a lasting use for her HAB results she received ten years ago. Knowing her talents first, and putting them to good use, has allowed her to optimize her clinic and the people who work there.

In the Beginning as a Veterinary Student

Even before she was a vet student, this veterinarian had her eye on completing her undergraduate degree, getting an advanced degree in veterinary medicine, and opening her clinic. Becoming aware of her natural scientific abilities and her long Time-Frame Orientation, she was reassured that there was a reason for her long-range plans, which applied her talents with her interest in animals.

What she wasn’t aware of was the most efficient means for studying while pursuing her degree. Her plan of attack was to read and re-read the textbooks and other materials. Even her study groups relied heavily on reading materials. She knew she was studying “hard” because of the amount of time she spent with the books – and it was a lot!

It turns out, the HAB revealed her auditory learning channel was significantly stronger than her reading channel. When she discovered that, everything changed.

She switched to a study group where a variety of learning styles were represented, including hers! And, she realized how much unproductive time she had spent by limiting herself only to reading. She incorporated discussions during which material was reviewed aloud, and it made a huge difference in the number of hours she spent studying. She ended up having more energy for other student activities.

Application of “Old News”

Upon earning her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, this veterinarian was ready to run and lead her own business. Based on what she learned about herself through the HAB, she knew the most efficient way for her to ramp up her clinic was to talk with people – other veterinary clinic owners, other professionals whose help she’d need (like accountants and attorneys), and the small business administration.

One More Application of the HAB in Veterinary Leadership

This veterinarian continues ways to apply her knowledge of natural abilities and learning. She found when working with colleagues and especially with staff in her clinic, she can use her knowledge of different learning abilities when assigning tasks and explaining responsibilities. She’s aware of the need to put things in writing for some and to take the time to explain to others. And, she keeps her eye on how she distributes “extra” tasks. For example, reviewing written promotions from pharmaceutical manufacturers is easier for one person while meeting with a rep gleans more information for another.

This is just one example of how understanding your natural abilities can make your life and career more rewarding, especially as a leader. If you are about to start a new business or are looking to enhance your leadership abilities, contact The Highlands Company to learn more.


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