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A 35-year-old mother struggling to lose the last of her baby weight has a far different goal than an endurance athlete working to shave minutes off his or her half marathon time. So why would the two follow the same, prescriptive exercise program? The ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) Model was created as a tool to help health and fitness professionals deliver custom, individualized exercise programs built on a foundation of meaningful rapport and strong personal connection. As the most comprehensive training model in the industry, the ACE IFT Model provides insight to better serve those striving to achieve everything from simple function to health, fitness and elite performance.


As a Certified Spartan SGX Coach, I will help you learn how to dominate the obstacles and bring specific training to your gym. My comprehensive training allows me to build a personalized program to challenge you to improve your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. I will be your catalyst for great change. Are you ready to get started?


Let me help you prepare for Basic Training or Officer School with a military-specific training program. 


Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness isn’t about looking like a bodybuilder or the best player on Tour. It’s about being fit to play the game at an individual’s highest level and doing so without causing injury.  It’s about understanding how a body’s limitations can influence the golf swing and how to address those limitations through the proper channels.

My goal as a certified TPI instructor is to help get you in the best shape possible using TPI's comprehensive 14 physical evaluation screens.  These screens will help determine your mobility, stability, and balance as they relate to the golf swing.  

Upon completion, a full report of the results and findings will be reviewed with the student. You will then be prescribed a complete individual golf training program, designed specifically to improve the physical limitations affecting your golf swing.